This is the very first post in my blog for this site. I’m super excited and plan to provide anyone who happens to come across my site with a ton of fun stuff to read about. My life is exciting, after all, and I want you to know about it!

For example, I just completed my photo shoot for my site, where I had a total blast! Through it all I learned a lot and want to share with you what I’ve learned. I am happy to share with you my Top 5 Secrets to having a successful shoot:

  1. What good is a photo shoot without a good photographer? Hire only the best! I used Trina Roberts from Grin Photography, and she did a wonderful job keeping me energized throughout the shoot. We had so much fun I feel like I could have posed for days.
  2. Pick a stellar location. We’ve all had a good chuckle when a friend uploads a new profile pic and it’s them standing in front of their bathroom mirror. They may look great, but we can see the contents of their bathroom trashcan. Not flattering. For my shoot, I chose one of my favorite local boutiques, Aris in Laguna Beach –a place where high-end fashion meets fresh cut flowers. This is somewhere I felt comfortable and at home. Russell and the rest of the staff were a terrific help and made sure I stayed in my element, which is important.
  3. When I know I’ll be performing some expert hairography throughout the day, I trust only the best with my lovely locks. I personally love Metine at Ashtin Salon in Corona del Mar for all my hair needs. He owns the shop along with his wife, Ashleigh, who have been working with hair collectively for over 35 years.
  4. Beauty reigns and one cannot forget the makeup! For those of you who wear makeup (surely I do not include myself *wink*), getting all the powder and blush on is really the first step. My makeup guru was, is, and always will be the lovely Jill Markowitz at Trompe L’oeil Cosmetiques in Newport Beach. I know a lot of us ladies may not see the need for this seeing as we do our own makeup every day. But bringing in a professional can really boost your look. Jill is great with brow shaping and tinting, a craft that is hard to master. You will see the difference when you trust a professional.
  5. Pick your looks in advance. I went through my closet and chose looks to cover various seasons and occasions. Of course I needed a little touch of the latest and greatest fall items. My secret here is the Lumber Yard retail center in the heart of Malibu.  I love this center because I find it to be a wonderful edit of the best of LA boutiques in a very manageable retail center. If you are pressed for time, this is a great place to wander around and get a sense of all the newest styles. In addition, the stores tend to get shipped the newest items sooner due to the high profile clientele in the area.

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