I love working with men! Most of you hate to shop. Most of you can make a decision in less than 30 seconds, and even more impressive, most of you don’t ask me if I think you look fat in every outfit! In all seriousness, I want to address an issue that I feel most men face. What do I wear when I am not in my daily work uniform or going to the gym? This is an area I find most men struggle with and can use assistance if they do not have an overbearing girlfriend, wife or mother. Or even if they do 🙂



Of course there are jeans, button down shirts and tennis shoes. Yes, we live in Southern California and that pretty much can take you anywhere. My point is NO! First and foremost are shoes. Men, please trust me.Shoes are so very important in your overall look which is why I need to address them first. You can sport the jeans and tee or button down if you don an updated shoe.  My absolute favorite line for mens shoes, John Varvatos comes to the rescue every time.

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You absolutely cannot go wrong with anything you choose from their shoe collection. It is the mainstay of the designer’s collection. They do carry the John Varvatos for Converse line of tennis shoes as well, but lets move beyond for a moment. The casual line of footwear and the boot collection is so awesome! I loved it when I was working as a personal shopper in Bloomingdales South Coast Plaza for my male clients and now I would simply go straight to the John Varvatos boutique in South Coast Plaza carrying the entire collection. So you have a cool shoe and a pair of jeans? Make it awesome by adding some leather or suede outerwear. The second best selling item at John Varvatos is their leather. I would highly recommend the shirt jacket, best seller available in leather and suede, such an easy timeless piece that can be very versatile in your casual wardrobe. John Varvatos aslso boasts 4 different cuts of vintage inspired suits, think British dandy style from the 60’s….plaid, 3 piece suits and skinny ties all complete the look. I love when a man can take a suit like this and mix and match into their casual wardrobe. The button down and skinny tie with jeans and a vest. The trouser with a pullover sweater and a great boot. With a few key pieces the dilemma is solved and a confident man has emerged.