I went on a field trip last night to the Valley. Westfield Topanga had an amazing event with DuJour Magazine that brought together fashion’s finest while sipping fine champagne and nibbling from the caviar bar. A combination of celebrities, Fran Drescher among the attendees, socialites, PR people, press, fashion reporters and stylists came together to enjoy an interesting evening of fashion.









The highlights of the event included a panel of fashionistas interviewed by the Sr. fashion editor of Marie Claire, the elegant Zanna Roberts Rassi. The panel consisted of Jeanann Williams, celebrity stylist in Hollywood, dressing Naomi Watts among other A-listers, Rumi Neely, the founder of an uber successful blog called Fashiontoast.com, and my personal favorite, the founder of Eye-Swoon.com, the stunning Athena Calderone. I cant say that I learned anything new by hearing their opinions on fashion and style, however, I was mesmerized by the looks each chose to wear. My vote goes to Athena. Bright red lipstick, heavy dark bangs, and a stunning face. Her printed mini flare skirt was elegantly paired with a silk sheer blouse buttoned to the top with an edgy white leather motorcycle jacket resting on her shoulders. The look was a perfect combination of feminine , sexy and edgy without compromising elegance.




Even the little fashionistas were there enjoying the style…….







FIDM design lab had 5 emerging designers compete live to create red carpet gowns. the winner was awarded $2500.00 and a showcase in the mall for 1 year featuring their design. In addition there was an emmy-nominated costume showcase featuring select designs from award winning shows such as Mad Men, Downtown Abby and Boardwalk Empire. Oh, I cant forget the Bentley Continental GT speed convertible that was on display for auction do drive for a week-end.







I must thank friend Jason Binn CEO/Founder of DuJour Magazine for a lovely evening. I even left with a lovely parting gift…..a Thompson Ferrier diffuser filling my home with fragrant gardenias…..Who knew the Valley could be so fun?